Project Publications

Abstracts, publications in peer reviewed journals and other outcomes produced by the INIA consortium will be provided here as they become available.


Martin Gramc, Jürg Streuli, Eva de Clercq
Multidisciplinary teams caring for people with variations of sex characteristics: a scoping review

Monro, S., Suess Schwend, A., Aegerter, A Keating, A., Mestre, Y., Gramc, M. (2021).
Introducing intersex wellbeing and rights and the INIA programme
European Journal of Public Health,
Volume 31, Issue Supplement_3, ckab164.165,

A brief produced by ESR5 Axel Keating and Jukka Lehtonen from the University of Helsinki entitled “Intersex Traits and Variations of Sex Characteristics in Education: A Finnish Context” is available on DORAS, Dublin City University’s open access repository. It can be consulted here: