Project Publications

Abstracts, publications in peer reviewed journals and other outcomes produced by the INIA consortium will be provided here as they become available.

Peer reviewed publications

Aegerter, A., Larrieu, G. & Raz, M.
Visibiliser les i sans (en faire une) exception.
Santé Publique 2022, 34, 103-108 (available online 15 June 2023)

Aegerter, A.
Enjeux et controverses quant à la participation d’activistes intersexes au Consensus de Chicago (2005).
Santé Publique 2022, 34, 59-67 (available online 15 June 2023)

Surya Monro, Sean Saifa Wall, Kate Wood
Intersex equality, diversity and inclusion and social policy: Silences, absences, and erasures in Ireland and the UK
Critical Social Policy (22 May 2023)

Dani Crocetti, Adeline Berry, Surya Monro
Navigating the complexities of adult healthcare for individuals with variations of sex characteristics: from paediatric emergencies to a sense of abandonment
Culture, Health and Sexuality (18 May 2023)

Ernesto Zelayandia
The Growing Visibility of Intersex Demands at the United Nations: A Review of the Treaty Bodies’ Concluding Observations
Social Sciences, Soc. Sci. 2023, 12(2), 73; (30 January 2023)

Adeline Berry
Ageing in obscurity: a critical literature review regarding older intersex people
Sexual and Reproductive Health Matters (11 November 2022)

Yessica Mestre
The Human Rights Situation of Intersex People: An Analysis of Europe and Latin America
Social Sciences 2022, 11(7), 317  20 July 2022)

Martin Gramc, Jürg Streuli, Eva de Clercq
Multidisciplinary teams caring for people with variations of sex characteristics: a scoping review

Stephanie Lum

Intersex Framings Within International Human Rights Law
Kings Inn Law Review, Volume X (November 2021)

Monro, S., Suess Schwend, A., Aegerter, A Keating, A., Mestre, Y., Gramc, M. (2021).
Introducing intersex wellbeing and rights and the INIA programme
European Journal of Public Health,
Volume 31, Issue Supplement_3, ckab164.165,


Yessica Mestre Martínez
Ebrief – Intersex studies: A set of principles for ethical and human rights-based research practices
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Link to document in Spanish

Ernesto Zelayandía González
E-Brief – Recommendations on intersex human rights for law and policymakers
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Ernesto Zelayandía González
Recommendations on intersex human rights for health professionals
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Tanya Ní Mhuirthile, Somya Dixit, Ernesto Zelayandía González, Steph Lum, Yessica Maria Mestre Martinez, Audrey Aegerter and Amets Suess Schwend
Human Rights eBrief

ESR5 Axel Keating (DCU) and Jukka Lehtonen (University of Helsinki)
“Intersex Traits and Variations of Sex Characteristics in Education: A Finnish Context”

Project reports

ebook on Intersex and Family Issues

Audrey Aegerter, Adeline Berry, Surya Monro, David Paternotte

The ebook can be downloaded here.

eReport on Law, Ethics and Human Rights

The full report can be accessed here:

and individual sections of the report are provided here below.

Section 1: Intersex Framings within Human Rights Law, Stephanie Lum

Section 2: Review of methodological and ethical frameworks, Yessica Mestre Martinez

Section 3: Report providing results of the review of existing ethical principles in intersex studies and related fields, Yessica Mestre Martinez

Section 4: Report on systematic explorative review I, Ernesto Zelayandía González

Section 5: Report on systematic explorative review II, Ernesto Zelayandía González

Book chapters

Martin Gramc
Chapter title: Tortuous Paths Towards Trans Futures: Trans movement in Slovenia

Book title: Transgender in the post-Yugoslav space: Lives, Activisms, Culture

Edited by Bojan Bilić, Iwo Nord and Aleksa Milanović
ISBN: 978-1447367611
September 21, 2022


KSA Conference 2022
Adeline Berry
Older Intersex People: A Pan-European Intersectional Approach

PGR Conference 2022, University of Huddersfield
Adeline Berry
Older Intersex People, Invisibility and Resilience

European Sociological Association 2021
Adeline Berry
Older Intersex People: Hidden from (Sociological) Gaze

FSRH Virtual Conference 2021 | Inclusive Healthcare
Adeline Berry
Experiences of Older Intersex People

PGR Conference 2021, University of Huddersfield
Adeline Berry
Older Intersex People: A Pan-European Intersectional Approach

11th European Feminist Research Conference
Sean Saifa Wall
Challenging Intersex Erasure in Ireland and England
Link to final conference programme:

European Journal of Public Health
Audrey Aegerter
Introducing Intersex Wellbeing and Rights and the INIA Programme

European Conference on Gender and Politics
Audrey Aegerter
From the I to the We: The development of an intersex political subjectivity

16th World Conference of Bioethics 2022
Daria Abrosimova
Do as I say, not as I do. Scope review of the literature on psychosocial support for families with an intersex child.

15th Conference of the European Sociological Association, “Sociological Knowledges for Alternative Futures”
Svet Sol
Mapping Intersex Discourses in Spain

3rd International Conference LGBT+ Psychology and Related Fields
Svet Sol
Performing Intersex, Being Intersex:Reflecting on activist-produced intersex representations in contemporary Spain
See page 47:

Intersex 2021 – A Vision for the Future Conference, Dublin City University
Yessica Mestre,Daria Abrosimova, Axel Keating, Steph Lum, Adeline Berry
Intersex: New Interdisciplinary Approaches (INIA) Panel Discussion

14th European Public Health Conference, EUPHA, European Public Health Association
Yessica Mestre
Introducing intersex wellbeing and rights and the INIA programme

Europubhealth+Research Meeting, University College Dublin
Yessica Mestre, Ernesto Zelayandia, Amets Suess Schwend
INIA. Intersex – New Interdisciplinary Approaches: Generating knowledge on intersex human rights and wellbeing

SLSA Annual Conference 2022, Socio-Legal Studies Association, University of York, UK
Ernesto Zelayandia
Invisible no more? The growing visibility of intersex issues at the United Nations
Link to abstract book:

Association of Human Rights Institutes (AHRI) Annual Conference 2021, Maastricht University, The Netherlands
Ernesto Zelayandia
Framing Intersex Demands: A scoping review