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Members of the INIA consortium will contribute to various types of outreach activities. As INIA fellows and/or PIs engage in Outreach activities, a list of events will be posted here.

24 June 2021: Virtual workshop for Women’s and Gender Studies Department, University of the Western Cape

Professor Surya Monro, INIA project coordinator, led a workshop on exploring sex/gender/sexuality as spectra and introducing the INIA project. A poster for the event can be viewed here.

23 June 2021: Judge’s Choice Award at annual Post Graduate Review conference at University of Huddersfield

ESR Adeline Berry at the University of Huddersfield’s ENGAGE postgraduate conference 2021 won Judge’s Choice Award for their poster presentation titled “Older Intersex People: A Pan-European Intersectional Approach.” The poster can be viewed here.

02 June 2021: Podcast for Glow West Pride Panel

On Wednesday, June 2nd, ESR Adeline Berry participated in a podcast as part of the Glow West Pride Panel. Some photos from the event are available here and here.  A link to the podcast is available here: https://tortoiseshack.ie/glow-west-podcast/

23 April 2021: ESR presentation at NYU FYQA

On Friday, 23 April 2021, ESR Axel Keating (they/them) participated on the New York University LGBTQ+ Center’s First Year Queers and Allies (FYQA) Alumni Panel. Axel, an alumnus of New York University (Gallatin BA ’16 and Steinhardt MA ’19) as well as a member of the 2012-2013 FYQA cohort, spoke about their experiences as a Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions Early Stage Researcher in the Intersex – New Interdisciplinary Approaches (INIA) innovative training network and a PhD student at the Dublin City University School of Law and Government in Ireland. A screenshot from the presentation can be viewed here.

22 April 2021: INIA panel at DCU online conference, Intersex 2021: A vision for the future

On April 22nd during the online conference hosted by Dublin City University, the INIA project was introduced to conference participants. The panel was composed of the coordinator, Prof. Surya Monro, Principal Investigator, Amets Suess Schwend, and ESRs Yessica Mestre, Daria Abrosimova, Adeline Berry, Axel Keating and Steph Lum. The conference booklet can be consulted here. A link to the conference can be found here.

20 April 2021: INIA Panel at TransLondon event

Every 3rd Tuesday of each month, TransLondon welcomes presentations from guest speakers. On April 20th, the INIA coordinator, Prof. Surya Monro participated in an INIA panel with supervisor Tray Yeadon-Lee and ESRs Addy Berry and Axel Keating (photo here). The goal of the talk was to gain greater insight to the unique issues that Intersex people face in life, providing a greater opportunity to strengthen allyship through knowledge and understanding. Photo extracted from presentation here.

24 February 2021: Three-minute thesis competition

ESR Yessica Mestre participated in the three-minute thesis competition of the University of Granada on February 24, 2021. In total, the semifinal of the competition brought together twenty doctoral students from various departments of the University of Granada. For her presentation “the research for the 1,7%”, Yessica talked about the research objectives of her INIA project, which aims to identify human rights violations in research related to intersex issues and develop principles for a human rights-based research practice in intersex studies.

27 January 2021: Talk at University of Granada on trans and intersex studies

PI Amets Suess Schwend from the Andalusian School of Public Health (EASP) gave a talk on trans and intersex studies and mentioned the role of EASP and University of Granada in the INIA project as well as the involvement of the two Early Stage Researchers recruited to EASP as part of INIA.  More information about the event is provided here below:

Title: Estudios trans e intersex: reflexiones epistemológicas y éticas (Trans and intersex studies: epistemological and ethical reflections)

Cycle of activities: Conversaciones Feministas Compartidas (Shared Feminist Conversations)

Organized by: Instituto Universitario de Investigación de Estudios de las Mujeres y de Género, Universidad de Granada (Institute of Womens’ and Gender Studies, University of Granada)

Speaker: Amets Suess Schwend

Introduction and questions: Carmen Gregorio Gil

Chair:  Ana Alcázar Campos

Date: Wednesday, January 27, 2021, 18:30 CET

Link to the recording: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=hwV-hw_stnw

Poster of the event here

January 2021: INIA appears in GCN Magazine

INIA ESRs and PIs contributed to an article in GCN Magazine, issue 366. The article can be viewed here: https://gcn.ie/magazine/inside-out/

8 December 2020: Intersex panel as part of Galway Community Pride

ESR Addy Berry and PI Tanya Ni Mhuirthile participated in this panel during the Galway Community Pride. Addy mentioned her research project in the INIA network.  More information about this panel is available here:


20 November 2020: Participation in ET 2020 Working Group on Promoting Common Values and Inclusive Education

Dr. Mel Duffy (DCU) provided input to the 4th meeting of the ET 2020 working group.  Her input was about relationships and sexual education and the argument for the inclusion of LGBTQI.

More information about ET working groups here: https://ec.europa.eu/education/policies/european-policy-cooperation/et2020-working-groups_en

November 2020: INIA project advertised on DCU website + participation in Intersex Solidarity Day

DCU is hoping to become a centre of excellence for intersex research. Currently a beneficiary on the INIA project, DCU posted information about INIA project to its website here: https://www.dcu.ie/intersex/about-us

Also on 8 November 2020, the newly recruited INIA ESRs, Steph Lum and Axel Keating, participated in visits to national monuments lit up for Intersex Solidarity Day. #IrelandTurnsPurple is a campaign to turn Ireland purple in a show of support for the Intersex community on International Intersex Solidarity Day. More information about the event is available here: https://www.dcu.ie/intersex/irelandturnspurple

06 November 2020: Talk by ESR3 Audrey Aegerter in Paris

In November 2020, the Réseau Francophone de Recherche sur l’intersexuation (RéFRI) organised an event in Paris. Janik Bastien Charlebois presented the emergence of critical intersex studies, and Audrey Aegerter (ULB) spoke about INIA and the need for intersex research for advocacy purposes. Loé Petit presented the RéFRI.


02 November 2020: INIA Facebook page

INIA researchers have set up a facebook page for the network. You can visit it here: https://www.facebook.com/INIAproject

26 October 2020: Official Launch of INIA website

The INIA website officially launched on October 26, 2020 to coincide with Intersex Awareness Day. A series of tweets was developed to publicize the event and a press release was sent to over 50 different international contacts.