Other Publications

Crocetti, D., Arfini, A.G., Monro, S., and Yeadon-Lee, T. (2020)
‘You’re basically calling doctors torturers’: Stakeholder framing issues around naming intersex rights claims as human rights abuses’

Sociology of Health and Illness (2020)
DOI 10.1111/1467-9566.13072

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Publications of the Ministry of Justice, Reports and guidelines 2019:3.
Helsinki: Ministry of Justice and Ministry for Foreign Affairs.

Monro, S., Crocetti, D. and Yeadon-Lee, T. (2019)
Intersex/Variations of Sex Characteristics and DSD Citizenship in the UK, Italy and Switzerland.

Citizenship Studies

The Brussels Collaboration on Bodily Integrity paper:
‘Medically Unnecessary Genital Cutting and the Rights of the Child: Moving Towards Consensus’


Monro, Surya, Crocetti, Daniela, Yeadon-Lee, Tray, Garland, Fae and Travis, Mitch (2017)
Intersex, Variations of Sex Characteristics, and DSD: The Need for Change


Suess Schwend A.
Questioning Pathologization in Clinical Practice and Research from Trans and Intersex Perspectives.

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The SAGE Handbook of Global Sexualities, Vol. 2, p. 798 – 821. London: SAGE Publications (2020)

Suess Schwend A.
Derechos de las personas trans e intersex. Revisión del marco legislativo en el contexto español desde una perspectiva de despatologización y derechos humanos [Rights of trans and intersex people. Review of the legislative framework in the Spanish context from a depathologization and human rights perspective]

Revista Derecho y Salud. 2018;Vol. 28 (Extraordinario – 2018):97-115.

Suess Schwend A.
Cuestionamiento de dinámicas de patologización y exclusión discursiva desde perspectivas trans e intersex [Questioning dynamics of pathologization and discursive exclusión from trans and intersex perspectives]

Revista de Estudios Sociales. 2014;49:128-143.


Defending the rights of Intersex People: Information in French