Martin Gramc is a LGBTIQ+ activist, researcher and writer from Slovenia. He received his MA in Gender Studies at the University of Ljubljana. During the past five years, he has actively participated in LGBTI+ organizations and campaigns at home, in Croatia and in Germany (Berlin), where he also collaborated with feminist and migrant initiatives. As a researcher, Martin has been collaborating with the Peace Institute in Ljubljana, working on projects centred around migrant issues, LGBTIQ+ minorities, and topics in political philosophy.

Martin commenced a 34-month Marie Skłodowska Curie fellowship at the University of Zurich in Switzerland in January 2021.

Outreach Activities:

16 December 2021: Presentation during Research Colloquium at the Institute of Bioethics and the History of Medicine

ESRs Martin Gramc and Daria Abrosimova presented their scoping reviews to other PhD candidates at the University of Zurich. The title of the presentation was: Medicine, stigma, society: How bioethical studies could improve the human rights of intersex people? The presentation was well attended and followed by an animated question and answer session.