INIA is a new international research network which will train a cohort of 10 early stage researchers working collaboratively to develop knowledge that will inform policy making and practice across a range of key sectors.

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Intersex people’s healthcare, social and human rights issues are often overlooked. They continue to face exposure to multiple forms of human rights violations and discrimination, requiring cross-sectoral policy responses in fields including healthcare, education, and the law.

Dani Coyle is an intersex social media activist. Based in UK and Berlin.

Ray Newman is an Intersex Activist and student of engineering. Based in Oxford.

Izzy MacCallum is an artist, and an intersex student based in London.
Ki Griffin is a intersex student and actor. Based in Liverpool.

Grace Murray is an intersex veterinary student in Nottingham.
Valentino Vecchietti is an intersex activist, journalist and scholar. Based in Oxford.

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First INIA in-person network event!

The INIA team met for the first time in-person in Lisbon, Portugal from May 27-June 1, 2022. This was a great opportunity for the team to bond and have exciting…

Save the date!

The Centring Intersex Issues: Global and Local Dimensions will take place from 20-23 Feb. 2023. For more information, visit our Dissemination page.
Education Finnish context

Education and the Finnish context

See our Resources, Project publications page to read A brief produced by ESR5 Axel Keating and Jukka Lehtonen from the University of Helsinki entitled “Intersex Traits and Variations of Sex…

First publications

Some early INIA publications are now available under the Resources tab.

MSCA celebrates 25 years!

Since 1996, Marie Skłodowska-Curie Actions have been supporting research programmes and +145,000 scientists in developing new skills, expanding their network, and advancing their career.  For more info about MSCA, please click…


INIA researchers have set up a facebook page for the network. You can visit it here:

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